Tree Trimming

Keep Your Trees Healthy Year-Round

We offer tree trimming in Pittsfield & Great Barrington, MA

Your trees do more for your property than you might realize. They provide shade, give your landscape dimension, and even prevent land erosion. Kelley Brothers Tree Service can help you keep your trees healthy and stable. We offer tree trimming in the Pittsfield & Great Barrington, MA area.

With the proper maintenance, you can continue to enjoy the benefits your trees provide for years to come. Call 413-464-9155 today to ask about our trimming services. We'll cut back your overgrown limbs so your trees don't become hazardous.

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3 reasons to trim and prune your trees regularly

Kelley Brothers Tree Service can come for a one-time visit and cut back your overgrown limbs, but to truly keep your trees healthy, you should regularly trim their branches. Here's why:

  1. Light tree trimming promotes healthy growth.
  2. If your tree is sick, we can trim off dead or diseased limbs to keep the illness from spreading.
  3. Trimmed trees are less likely to lose weak branches during a storm.

Contact Kelley Brothers Tree Service today at 413-464-9155 to take advantage of our tree trimming services. You can schedule an appointment with Kelley Brothers Tree Service in Pittsfield, Great Barrington, MA or surrounding areas right away.